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Last week, I went to my native to attend a function. My wife and my son Anir were already there, enjoying their vacations.

It was a great train journey the previous night; where Ilayaraja, ARR,  Yuvan and a few other stalwarts were pressing their piano buttons and strumming their guitars just for me, via my iPod. “I wonder how,  I wonder why” I do not get the same sounds when I pluck my guitar 😀 :-D.  I was mesmerized by ‘Manmadhamadham’ song from ‘Paarthale Paravasam’. With video I do not get the same ‘feel’ but just the music and the voice of Nithayshree Mahadevan , Shankar Mahadevan , going up, coming down,  makes a roller coaster ride, awwwwhhh goddddd, wat an experience….

Much greater than that was

Ninaithu Ninaithu from 7G Rainbow colony, I could forgive Shreya Goshal for ‘வாள்கிறேன்’, etc. considering Yuvan Shankar Raja. It was an AC coach, but you just feel the heat of the song despite the air conditioning.

Much greater than that was,

I remember the clock showing 2:30 and I didn’t know when I slept. The train was till Tirunelveli. I always had the ‘DONOTCROSSOMANIA’  which woke me up at  around 7:30 in the morning. The train reached Madurai and I entered the house. My cute little son, half-naked in a diaper,waiting for the morning walk, was enjoying the taste of coffee droplets, given by his mother. He saw me, he  blushed, giggled and turned towards his mother. He again saw me, blushed,giggled and turned towards  his mother. He again saw me, blushed, giggled and turned towards his mother  .

I felt very happy to see that.