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It wud have been a  perfect date if it had been a girl other than Beneven Noble (Ben), my colleague @ Qwest, TCS.   😀 😀 . He is my coffee mate and we share similar interests, ranging from food, photography, travel, movies, technology etc.

We had been planning to go to a restaurant for dinner, for the past 3,4 weeks but the right time came today(22nd Sept 2011). Fortunately, both of us came to office very early today  and both of us were not in a mood to work after 8 in the evening . We planned to go to a Mexican restaurant then after initial analysis we finalized Kyung Bok Gong. It’s a Korean restaurant @ Chamiers Road, Nandanam. (Complete Junk )

As soon as we got into the hotel we looked @ each other in dismay, as the ambiance looked very weird. However, we thought of giving it a try as it was the first Korean restaurant visit for both of us. The foods were too costly  and we decided that this is not the right place for us today. We then proceeded to Benjarong @ TTK Road. It was houseful and we were told that it might take another 45 minutes to get a table.

The GPRS @ Ben’s blackberry pointed out various Chinese hotels and we picked our final 2, ‘China Town’ & ‘Mainland of China’. Considering the budget factors, we moved on to China Town at Cath Road.

We chose a fine corner seat at the restaurant and browsed through the menu. We were served a Carrot/Cucumber salad mixed with vinegar which got finished in seconds. Ben gave me the privilege of choosing the soup and he ordered a sea food starter. ஆய புலன்கள் 64 ம் told me to go for my evergreen TOM-YUM soup. It’s a thin clear spicy Thai soup, the recipe for your reference It is an unforgettable soup which I have been attached too much to it since my yesteryear @ Newgen Softwares. The green/red chillies with the lemon grass gives the greatest mix of sour and spiciness which no cocktail in this world can give. I never got satisfied unless and until I get tears in my eyes biting the chillies in the soup..Wowww  wht a soupppp.

By the time the soup got over, the main course came to the table, hot and yummmmmmy. We ordered a single bowl of fried rice with a Schezwan chicken gravy for Ben and a veg gravy made of brocoli, Sweet Corn, asparagus, etc. for me (oooops I forgot the name). I remember only the first 2 munches of the food and later it was all conversations. We did not care about our neighboring tables and were communicating in our normal volumes. We were much into photography, camera, exposure, etc for the past 2 days and the same continued in the restaurant and many more. We returned to the normal world when the fork and spoon sounded ‘ting ting’ hitting the empty plates. Later, we realized that we had finished our food and had nothing more to eat.

A sweet beeda ended the sweet 2 hr show .

Thanks to Ben, China Town and Tom Yum for the great treat.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This was the stadium where I was performing…..  Ha ha a. .gud start but not on the tracks but in a room beside the place where I took the photograph. I am not an athlete but an average chess player. I had nominated for the Chess tournament conducted by TCS – Maitree  ( CSR & employee welfare arm of TCS );

They had invited us to be thr by 8. I was sharp to reach the place by 8:30 and found the organizer coming behind me. Subashini, was the only known face thr who came to play Volley ball with her team. 

The point system was based on the Swiss league format. The game has to be completed within 30 mins and whoever plays the first 30 mins loses. Everybody has to face 6 opponents amount the 81 participants; which will be chosen by the s/w; based on the scores scored by the players.

My 1st game was with Vijay from Chn 1. He was playing considerably better than me. My games are well known for silly mistakes and himalayan blunders. I made one and it costed my QUEEN. Adrenalin oozed out of me to not to lose the first game. Got my concentration back and was playing better chess then onwards. Some attacking and intelligent!!!! moves got me the victory. The final result I WON the game :-).

2nd game was with Manoj from the APACS team, Siruseri. It was just a normal game where I could beat him easily and scored 2 points. The 3rd one was another big blunder game by me. It was with Vel Murugan of AIG, SNR branch. He was leading by a pawn. He exchanged a piece for which I forgot to take one of his powers and realized it after a couple of moves. I resigned later after the situation went in favour of him. The score was 2; me winning 2 games and losing 1. Vel murugan was the 2nd runner up in the overall competition with 5 points.

The 4th game was with Sai where we played an exchange game and could win it very easily. The 5th game was with another gentlemen from AXA where I was playing lethargically after winning a power. By then I scored 4 points. Before my 5th game, I was watching Chenna Kesava Rao(CHR) and the 1st runner up playing their league match. The game was very interesting but finally CHR lost the game.

CHR was my opponent in the last & 5th game. I went with a -ve mindset. Both of us were playing quite  carefully. Some of his smart moves made me think for a while where I lost some time. During the final stages I had only 60 seconds within which I need to finish the game or I “LOSE”. He was playing comfortably with 5 mins in hand. It was almost an exchange game, where in the final minutes of play I was leading by 1 or 2 pawns and having 45 seconds in hand. I atlast powered a pawn to QUEEN and check mated him with 13 seconds to spare.

Wowwww!!! a great sigh of relax winning the game and scored  5 points.

The top 2 who scored 6 points played the finals. It was a 5 min rapid chess, best of 3 match. The winner (I believe his name is Sheikh) won the 1st 2 match. It was a great day thinking completely about Chess and finally returned home @ 6. 

The whole week I was searching for gambits in wiki and read completely about the Alekhine’s defence