Ponniyin Celvan – Undoubtedly the best

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Books
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I have never read a book so fast, with so much interest in my life. The last novel which I read as I remember was “The Davinci Code”. It was oscillating between boredom and interest. It could be because of the alien language, alien names, alien concepts like Ku Klux Klan, the Cardinals, Mary Magdalene,  The priory of Sion, the Holy grail etc. etc. etc.

Before that I remember a thriller novel by Rajesh kumar (cannot even think near to Ponniyin Celvan) somewhr during 13, 14 years back. That is all my experience with reading, but thanks to Bragadesh Prasanna, whose blogs and his chats pulling me into the oceans of books and movies. Hope to read a lot, let see.

Back to Ponniyin Celvan, it all starts with Mr. Vallavaraiyan Vandhiya dhevan, who walks on the banks of Veera Narayana Lake. It starts so casually and goes on like a thriller movie soon. He was sent to the Thanjavur palace by Adhithya Karikalar to send a message to his father at the Thanjavur palace . Aazhvaarkadiyan is another interesting character in the novel who is a scout for the chief minister Anirudhar.  The enthusiasm and the zeal slowly builds up from the moment when Vandhiyathevan enters the Kadambur palace to meet his friend Kandhamaaran. This is one of the most important place in the novel where the plot for the story starts from here and almost ends here.

Vallavaraiyan Vandhiyathevan meets the periya Pazhuvettaraiyar in the Kadambur palace, who is the finance minister for the Chola Dynasty then as per the novel.   In the over night stay Vandhiyathevan  gets to know some secrets, about their plan where they discuss about the next ruler who should come into power, so does Aazhvaarkadiyan. Pazhuvettaraiyar introduces Madhuraandhaga thevar in their meeting who comes in Nandhinidevi’s palki.  Nandhinidevi is old man, Pazhuvettaraiyar’s, newly wed young wife.  Nandhindevi, who plays the major role in the novel is the mastermind behind all these conspiracies , which she achieves by misguiding Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar. Through which she is trying take revenge and avenge her wicked deed.

After lots of dramas, Vandhiyathevan enters the Thanjavur palace and meets Sundara chozhar. Chinna Pazhuvettrraiyar, who is commander for the Thanjavur palace, doubts his activities and watches him.  Vandhiyathevan knowing the commanders intention and escapes Thanjavur to Pazhaiyaari with the help of a person Sendhan Amudhan. Senthan Amudhan helps him in various endeavors through out the story.   He meets his beloved Kundhavai Dhevi alias Ilaya piraati. He is undoubtedly a romantic hero who meets quite a lot of women in the novel and admires each and every lady’s beauty. Ilayapirati was the special and beautiful whom he falls in love with. She sends Vandhiyathevan to Srilanka to pass a message to his brother, Mr. Kalki’s hero of the story,  ponniyin selvar, arulmozhi varmar, the famous king of the chola dynasty, Mr. Raja Raja cholan.

Ponniyin selvar enters into the story after a very long time in the novel but gets into the readers’  heart very soon. Kundhavai dhevi calls Ponniyin selvan back to his native. An interesting character, Poonguzhali is introduced during this time.  After this, lots of heroic acts by both Vandhiyathevan and Ponniyin selvar, lots of unimaginable twists and turns makes the novel so interesting. The thriller starts and it will make you read the novel without food and sleep from here onwards.

I stop here at this place and request the readers to take it over from here. Undoubtedly the best for me, and it would be for everyone, especially for all the Tamizh lovers.

At the first instance, I thought the story was completely from the minds of Mr. Kalki but referring to wiki on the chola dynasty and their rulers, this story is based on real facts.  I was amazed to see Mr. Kalki’s work on getting these facts into the novel.

The pdf version is available @ http://projectmadurai.org/pmworks.html

It was missing some paragraphs in the final chapters which annoyed a bit but thanks to Tamil wiki which is also hosting the complete source @ Ponniyin Celvan in Tamil Wiki

For those who don’t know Tamil, the translated English version of the story is available @ project madurai. (Click the project madurai link above and go to entry 278)

Hope you have a happy reading

  1. Bragadeesh says:

    Its really the best. The beauty of the novel is none of the character is full or tailor made. You cant expect anyone of the characters to behave in a certain way which is very much close to life. The hero with all his weakness presented before us adds to the spice of the novel. An out and out enjoyable read.. Thanks for sharing the links here.. Lot of people will benefit out of that.

  2. mukerv says:

    Absolutely brag….. The way he takes the story and characters keeps the readers at the edge of the seat as it wud be in cinema.. Let me try to finish sivagaamiyin sabhadham soon.:-) Thanks for the pdfs man

  3. Bragadeesh says:

    Always welcome 🙂

  4. Deepan Karthik says:

    I had a chance to read this novel earlier. It is amazing. I finished it in 4 days. it was good read.

  5. Tamil Selvan says:

    Mukund Its very interesting novel. You have briefed the novel such a nice way. Last weekend I started reading for the 3rd time. Thanks for sharing the E-Book collection link.

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