OMR jalsa – The rolling bones

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Life
the new glass

the new glass

It has been a long time to have posted an entry in my blog. Will start with the incident, which gave me a pause to publish post.

In life, things doesn’t happen as you plan……. ye!!! Kolli trek,  Ombadugudde was in pipeline. I was about to leave to Kolli with my fellow GenRe mates. As I had to start early in the evening, I took my bike to siruseri.

At dawn, there was a tussle @ home. There was also an intuition that something is going to happen that day. I was about to hit a vehicle in Beach road. At the neck of OMR, near Madhya kailash, it again struck my mind that something is going to happen. Few seconds later, I was waiting for the “GO” signal @ Tidel park. As it went green, I was the first to lead all the vehicles. there was gentleman who was taking a U turn, @ the middle of the road. I was overspeeding and was more concentrated towards the song playing in my ipod.

It was all done whn I realized. The least i cud do was to avoid hitting him.  I was rolling on the road @ around 50kmph, deccelerating. Seconds of awareness, made me to look around what’s happening .my bike won me in the skidding race, going aheadof me. My efforts to stop the skid @ the middle of the road, went in vain. I was waiting for me to stop.

Thanks to TCS!!!. As it was a Friday, I was in my casuals with a jean and a shirt. I wore my woodland shoe, as I had040720091431planned for a trek the same day . Jean saved me from acquiring more bruises(it saved my iPod too).  A big bruise on the right hand, bleeding like anything. As an experienced person, (yeah its the 3rd or 4th fall), I cud see myself in a safe postion.

Thanks to all those helping hands. A gentlemen bought a water bottle and the security guards who called the ambulance. I went to see the person, who succumbed minor injuries. He was safe without any injuries. He was a painter in a nearby house, and paid him for his damages. A first call to my manager, Mr. Robinson, informing him my inability to come to office. Next to Peter, cancelling all my trek plans(kolli & the most expected OG2 😦 😦 ). Third to Charan, to help me out.

I took my first aid @ the ambulance where one of our CTC friend who recognized me and came forward to help. Charan came in the mean time . he took my bike and I went to MALAR hospitals in the ambulance.  At MALAR, I was robbed there for a crack(not sure though) on my left hand. Charan came to hospital to help me out.

I was not interested to go home and disappoint my father and mother. My mind was all @ kolli & Ombadugudde trek040720091428which I missed out. We came out and had a sweet lime juice. I was looking for a coolers, similar to the one which Charan had. I didn’t find a better time than this. He took me to GKB opticals, where he bought his. After a short discussion, with the plaster of paris in hand; we bought a cool nice, cooler.

By then, it was time for his noon shift, and I had to return home . Long live all!!!!


  1. Durga Prasad says:

    Hayyoooooooooooooooooo….!!! Stop talking about your damn glasses man. They suck. Now.. come and check out mine. I know you would be stunned. 🙂

  2. karthika says:

    what a time to buy the glass !

  3. kanaiyaazhi says:

    Sometimes it happens at, hero is known because of villan. So, is the goggle hero over here ??? 😉

    It may be your greatness to take it easy but no more mukund . .atleast for GBH cause we need you & your service ha .. ha .. ha . .

    Take care!

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