Rang De org, Vidya Vrikshah, Smayate, VShare & Hindu Links

Posted: March 2, 2009 in CSR, Ideas, News

Hi Ppl,

I would refer that this would be another cool post of mine… I have been searching for various NGO/NPO who are helping people and CSR networks who can help us in relocating kids .  Here are some which impressed me and have also supported some of them.

http://www.rangde.org/– An impressive well built site, No new user id’s; logs in with the help of google’s a/c. It works on the concept of MICROCREDIT. I personally believeit . I came to know abt it thru one of a TCSer, Mr. Harsh Hiralal Thakkar. Kudos to him who is the behind rangde.org. Even I have registered and have sponsored for one of them their requests. Wishing to do more.

http://www.vidyavrikshah.org/– Vidyavrikshah is not a technically sound site but doing great service to the visually challenged people. I and some of my friends went on to meet Mr. Krishnaswamy @ his residence, last December. They, in partnership with IIT Madras, have prepared a braille software. It is capable of converting braille to English/Tamil and much more.

They are making high quality braille kits and distributing them for free to visually challenged children. It is registered and is being  run by a former IPS officer. They do not have offices, no meetings, no discussions. Only action. Things happening with minimal coordination. They are well aware of their requirements and are working out with the help of sponsors. The very next level of Microcredit. Kudos to Mr. Krishnaswamy.

http://www.smayate.org/ An organization started by Mr. Arun Gowda and his friends, who are concentrating on the education front. It is a registered organization and I got to know about it thru Mr. Arun Gowda. He is a fellow trekker @ Chennai trekkers . I had contacted him during the Skand trek. though haven’t trekked with him or met him personally.

http://vshare.org.in/ Vshare is an NGO started by TCSer’s and I got to know about it thru Laxmi. They are concentrating on all fronts; education, medical etc. and I had got an oppurtunity to involve at a couple of occasions.

In addition to that, they have started a new initiative MS DOS. People contributing in the form of Sodexho’s. It  is being used to procure food and other groceries for an orphanage @ Tiruvottriyur.

Hindu links:

The Hindu on Thursday covers and shares successful stories in the field of agriculture under  the section Farmer’s notebook.  AGRICULTURE , one of my areas of interest where I would like to put my brain in. I hope that I become an agriculturalist soon.

 http://www.thehindu.com/seta/2009/02/05/stories/2009020550141400.htm – Mr. Tun Tun helping a fish farmer to yield more money

Mrs. poppy& Kudumbam creating a greener place out of dry lands. Would appreciate if the corporates show some attention in the field of agriculture and implant technology to raise the standard of farmers. Chk out the link:   http://www.thehindu.com/seta/2009/02/12/stories/2009021250131700.htm

A Natural Manure story, an impressive one. Cheap & Safe one  http://www.hindu.com/seta/2009/02/26/stories/2009022650211500.htm

Self Help Groups rocking… chk out the various business options tht can be started 

vegetable cultivation, fisheries, plant propagation, mushroom cultivation, bee keeping, tailoring and embroidery, dairy, piggery, poultry and vermicomposting 



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