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Posted: March 1, 2009 in Life, Travel, Trek
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Kedars Klick

Kedar's Klick

Skandagiri , my 2nd continuous trek for the month happened on Feb 21st, 22nd. We were supposed to go on 7th,8th but got cancelled. We tried out all legal(& illegal:-)) options to get tickets but our efforts ended up in vain. This time, We booked tickets on our town to make sure it happens @ any cost. 

Two more feathers to our team, It was Kedar & Uttkarsh (UK), with a south indian ishtyle moustache, joined me and Archie for the trek. We were @ Central by 7:00; met Marcie and other fellow trekkers. Karthik, Varad were the known faces whom I met them @ Nagala, the previous week. The train departed well on time to reach Bng by 1 pm. We got introduced to each other, had a walk between compartments and shared words, whenever we felt bored. 



We collected our food for the rest of the days, received instructions from the organizers and departed to Chikballapur. The cab was ready to take us to the base of Sk-giri. With back packs on, we started the trek by 5:00. Initial moments of confusion created pandemonium amongst some of us. A boy came fwd to guide us for 350 Rs. Hema was bargaining well to bring it to 50 🙂  The sooner we trusted Marcie & Anala, we found the trail and travelled upwards. The sun was about to set and we were half way thru. We caught some beautiful pics on the way. Torches were on as it became dark and atlast we reached the peak by 8.



People started tenting; I helped on for the first 2 tents, then went in search of Archie.  We were then searching for dry woods for a camp fire. All were green and moist. Varad was the destroyer who got some dry branches.  All were set for the camp fire before which we sat for dinner. Marcie, with all chapathis in hand, was requesting people to stay calm and not to fight for chappathis :-D. The hungry stomach wasn’t ready to hear any discourses from any one. 

An unexpected magic show was in action. The sooner the parcels were opened, the sooner the chappathis got vanished. Mixing the chappathi with ketchup, sauce, yellow chuttney,the groudnut chuttney, etc.  made me to feel that I was @ a new branch of  Murugan Idli Kadai on top of Skandagiri, mixing sambar& chuttneys together.  The craving and the starving stomach got satisfied, CTC’s got into an exuberant mood.

Dear Friend - Kourtesy Kedar

Dear Friend - Kourtesy Kedar

The woods weren’t catching fire, We pulled out grasses near by and were burning them all till mid night. The whole team gathered near the fire which gave us a soothing warmth @ the windy top. Mr. Shanthi, our ‘Judge Dred’, started a game. It was an enjoyable game except those censored clues and questions.  People settled down @ tents but super enthusiastic Archie,  Kedu & UK devoted their sleep. Some other trekking team joined late night and maintained their distance hearing some loud snoring sounds from our tents :-D.

The next day started well early @ abt 4 in the morning. The picturesque sunrise was an unexpected surprise for most of us. We climbed up to the view point where a huge crowd was waiting to click the orange-red beam rising from the east. It went and hid under the clouds for some sec and the huge hollow red ball emerged out. CTC clicked a grp pic, refreshed themselves with a cuppa Tea and descended to the base. It looked to be a dangerous route. Gejoy and I were a bit afraid but managed to convince us to try the route. We reached the base well before noon with some Glucon D remained unopened. The tasty tender cocunut tempted to drink more whil our guys professionally restricted to 2.



We refreshed and rested @ the base until the van arrived. CTC were lucky to get a bus in minutes @ Chik’b’pur. which broke down on the way. We joined another bus which took us to Bng on time. Bye Byed to the bng team, We opted out to have our lunch @ KFC.  The usual veggie, meal no. 4 filled Archie’s plate as well as mine,  while Kedu & UK enjoyed their chicken pieces.

The terrible Brindavan snailrail, started an hour after the scheduled departure. Our fellow trekker were near the engine and we were seperated @ the tail. People sitting all over the way and it was sweating like anything. I planned to take  Archie, Kedu & UK to Murugan Idli shop or atleast to join them @ Saravan bhavan, for dinner . My drip irrigating nose and the soar body advised me to go home.  Despite all these, a coool bath and the sound sleep made the day & the trek very special. 




Thanks Doggy

Thanks Doggy

(As Sunil requested :-))

Thanks to the doggy who accompanied us the trek and even showed us the way@ occasions when we were blinking. I feel very sorry for the dog tat we didn’t feed anything during our dinner.(it absconded).  Sorry Varad & Sunil I didn’t have any other pic of the dog.

  1. Hi Mukund,
    I think the judge who gave us clues in Shanthi not Lakshmi.. Ask me i am the one who got affected. Wonderful write up.

  2. mukerv says:

    @Pras.. thanks yaar.. have updated the same..

  3. Sunil says:

    good write up mukund.. but you forgot to mention abt the faithful dog who followed us all the way to the top..

  4. Raj says:

    Nice post mate! Your blog is our trek memories relived.
    Good work!

  5. mukerv says:

    @Sunil – Ur wish has been fulfilled.
    @Varad – Thanks Varad

  6. Kedar says:

    Nice dude… but I did not see anything about CTC-ains efforts put in to bring Gegoy for group snap.

    Enjoyed every bit this trek.. thanks Mukund .. Hope to see you guys in many more such trecks

  7. uttkarsh says:

    Nice Post buddy!!!

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