The enchanting trip to Bng

Posted: February 13, 2009 in CSR, Life, TCS, Travel
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Bng Cantonment

Bng Cantonment

It  was a great journey.. I, Mahi, Tanmoy and Archie boarded the bangalore train by night around 10 pm. 20 mins before the departure, Archie went out to see her friend and tanmoy accompanied him. Archie had prepared Chapath


The 3 Musketeeers

The 3 Musketeeers

i and a capsicum curry (I hate that capsicum!!!). I had finished my dinner but the sweet smell of the chapathi’s prepared by the punjabi lady, made my tongue sweat..  Because of the capsicum, i convined myself with 1 or 2 of them.

Guys finished the formalities and we were talking till 1:00 am. Mahi was the first to sleep followed by others. I cudn’t sleep much and woke everyone up well in advance. People got down @ KR Puram. Suri came to pick me up @ Cantonment. I enjoyed the drive via M.G. Road, morning @ 5:00 am, though bangalore lost its spine chilling cold weather.

We discussed the early morning and prepared ourselves for the GBH visit. Hot idlies from a near by shop went in and as usual I was late to GBH.  GBH part of the story is in the blog given below.

Chk out my GBH Bng Trip blog @

Post GBH, we had a trip around Madiwala, met my college friends;  A great 4-5 hr sleep. Suree woke me up for dinner and the day ended well. 

Sunday, the day started late. We had various plans. thought of meeting Arun, but all got cancelled. We finished the bf pretty late and went out to get lunch for all. Day went on browsing ,watching movie and transferring files. It was too boring to sit at home and went to CCD nearby. We ordered a cup of coffee and a black forest with chocolate fudge. The hour eased off discussing our Newgen experience. Time difference was apt enough to pack my things and start off. Skipping the dinner, I had a pani poori and we started off to the railway station.

Suree dropped me @ the railway station and waited till the train started. Guys were on track. I and Archie weren’t feeling well. Had a tough time for the next 1 hr and slept gradually to wake up the next day; to see the Chennai’s enchanting crack of the dawn. The awesome Bng trip came after a very long time.


Me & Dear

Me & Dear


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