A Chettinad Visit – Palani’s Marriage

Posted: December 29, 2008 in Life, Marriage
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 Here I am, finally, after a month, got some time to write a post on Palani’s marriage. It got delayed because of the video, which ate almost a week to include special effects.The trip started whn Chennai was flooded with rains. I hope it rained because, our guys have planned the trip well in advance and had booked the train tickets 🙂 (jus kidding) . 



The marriage was on 30th Nov. 2008, Sunday. We started a couple of days earlier. Thanks to all those who sacrificed the AC coach :-). We were surprised to meet a fellow college mate of ours in the train. The travel time eased out as usual with nostalgic memories and sharing jokes. Fellow passengers in the coach smirked at our chat . Some of our friends who started next day, missed out the great train journey.

Day 1

The train reached karaikudi, midnight @ 2:00 am. There weren’t any Autorickshaw. A 2 km walk @ 2:00 am for about 20 mins by the dozen minus 2 people took us to the lodge.




Palani came up to the lodge to receive us, the next morning. Thanks to Ramamoorthy who arranged us the cab for commutation. Guys prepared themselves for the breakfast @ Laxmi’s house. The Bangalore guys took their own time to reach Karaikudi and finished their brunch. The cabs marched towards Aandichoorani. A great bath @ the pump set chilled out our minds with a great lunch followed it.


 I, being  a veggie;  Anbu and Jaffer had to forfeit the non veg treat due to unavoidable circumstances. We thought to re-live our Kkoil experience, took Moorthy’s bike and went to Ashok Bhavan for lunch; on its way, sharing the nostalgic memories of Soosaiyappar pattinam(where Palani,others landed and started their SMCET life:-)) and that of Kalaiyarkoil town. The next place which struck our mind was ‘Guna’ gym where we worked out our squats, bench presses, flyes, etc., early in the morning during the college days. The gym master was kind enough to share his time with us. We missed out our then house owner, Mr. Arulanandam, who went on a trip to Madurai. We could only speak to the PCO sister*, who is married . She enquired about Ravindran, which we didn’t forget to tell “Aandavar”.

The smiling groom

The smiling groom

The bike moved further and stopped @ (the “Viluk” famous :-)) lakshmi mess.  Finally, we got a call from our guys, by then they were ready to visit our college. We joined them @ the great SMCET. We met our chairman’s Memorial, played for a while @ the new basketball court and took some photos in our class and hostel. It was high time when we started and reached Palani’s heritage house (by 7:30 pm). The function was complete by then but we managed to see the Palani’s leg glittering with that small “Metti” . The singapore jogger, who was fit and trim in a silk Dhoti and a striped shirt, welcomed us. Kudos to our guys punctuality to reach in time for dinner 😀 . A great dinner with lots of variety. The contents @ the green leaf vanished in the next 10 mins. We were back to the room and thus the day ended well.

Day 2

The couple

The couple


Guys got themselves ready early in the morning. Rest of our guys who missed the 1st day, joined us in the morning.   The whole crew in 2 cabs started to witness the marriage. We saw Thangamayil jewellery on the way and opened their account for the day. We hurried up to the function and were well on time this time.  

It was the first time, I witnessed a Chettinad style marriage. The marriage happened @ the bride’s residence. When we went in, the rituals were in progress. The groom and bride were already under the pandal. The time came, Photos flashed, while Mr.Palani tied the knots. 

The groom on its day

The groom on his day

People were busy blessing the couples; we took a break in the mean time and got ourselves into a photo session. Thetemple nearby and its sacred pond attracted the creative minds. The lotus pond was discovered later, where the camera  button lost its shine; registering lots of clicks. We were back to the pandal and guys took our time to gift, greet and say ‘Cheese’ to the flashes. A fantastic lunch followed by a sound sleep @ the hotel room.

We all vacated the hotel room, baggages packed and got into the van. Palani insisted us to stay for the evening function. Palani was @ the other residence.  Dropping the luggages in the vehicle, we went on to join Palani. I was surprised to see my school mate, Arunachalam and his family @ the function. Bng guys eloped without the dinner and we didn’t want to deny Palani’s dinner request.  Here comes the interesting climax to this memorable trip!!!! 




The van departed karaikudi @ around 8:00 pm to catch the  10:40 train @ Madurai. Time was very much sufficient to reach Madurai but the vehicle was a crap one and there were lots of pot holes on the way. The driver was also creating issues to his part. Guys completely lost hope when the tyre got punctured @ 9:00 pm. We were left stranded without any help . Switching on the mobile lights , we cursing the driver (and vice versa) the tyre was fixed in about half an hour. To add more worries, the driver was driving at a speed of 40kmph.

The vehicle reached the outskirts of outskirts @ 10:40 pm. The road was digged for repairs. The driver was very much confident enought to choose a wrong way and took us to the by pass road. We became too furious but luckily found a route to reach the station. It was 10:50 when we were @ the entrance of the railway station. Holding our nerves, we ran like hell towards the station. It was a bizarre situation for the policemen and the shopkeepers who saw us running towards them ignoring the metal detectors. We saw a train @ the 2nd platform and we literally climbed the stairs. All of us eased out and minutes of joy and happiness occupied us when we heard the announcement that the train was delayed by 20 mins.

People who were supposed to get down @ Maatuththavani accompanied us till the railway station because of this dramatic situation. We got down to a shop to get water bottles. The shop keeper identified us and was comparing us (specially Arun) with the likes of Mumbai terrorists :-). We settled the accounts with the driver; waved hands to others who left us  and were contemplating more about the situation and other contemporary issues.

There u have the video down @ http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=rUPrR5oC_8I and pics @ our picasa albums.


Me 🙂 ——>

  1. Premkumar Ramamurthy says:

    Machi, interesting to read and remember…nice..expecting more from you on every occasion

  2. Durga Prasad says:

    Looks like you had a nice moments there. Best wishes to your friends.

  3. Durga Prasad says:

    Dude, You didn’t even leave the train you went haan..? 😉

  4. mukerv says:

    @durga; yeah man great moments..

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