Chennai Raining!!!! Mumbai Burning!!!

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Life
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I thought of writing a detailed blog on the Raining Chennai, the Mumbai blast, but alas couldn’t manage to get access to Internet because of the crap services provided by Dataone. The link goes off @ 6:00 in the evening and comes in the morning next day. I hope that it is also working in it shifts 🙂

But a brief summary is here with some images.

It was an awesome day @ Chennai when it rained last month. I didn’t go to office due to the rains and cudn’t enjoy much this season. The rain tested the condition of the Chennai roads. (Still not repaired!!!) With lots of new pot holes the situation is much worse in the suburbs. The rain water hasn’t drained yet in some places. It was a bit funny for me to hear that people were using boats to commute but felt bad later.

271120081035 In Auto

One fine day, I got a chance to enjoy the rainy chennai. I took a bold step to go to office that day, with my iPod’s headset on my ears and freshly loaded with all multilingual, unheard, crap songs from my music library. I was lucky enough to get a share auto @ Tidel park without drenching my jean & Tshirt. As seconds passed on, the rain poured out and I got into a hindi melody(I think a song from Swades!! cudn’t recollect while I write this). The rain was rhythmic to the song. It was too enthusiastic to hear a song from an unknown language of unknown meaning,and I was able to enjoy the composer’s music completely.

The rain continued but I had paused my iPod in order to save it from rain. The climate and the sky was too gud, which tempted me to take some snaps using my N73 and to write a blog. There, the wish has come true today.

chn 1chn1


 Later, the unfortunate mumbai hijack happened. 100s of lives of common man and that of police officers were lost in that battle, due to the sheer negligence of our Intelligence Services. I was searching for Mr. Raj Thackeray, that day, anywhere in any of the channels, whether he witnessed to salute the heroes who lost their life. I thought that I would see him protesting, when a non Marathi Commando, entered the Taj and Oberoi hotels but couldn’t see a glimpse of his face anywhere.

It was so sad to see some filthy responses from the Pak. govt. and the news channels, using the chance to gain popularity. 23 days gone; I didn’t see any progress in any activities. Only the blame game continues!!! Let God Save me and this democratic nation.

  1. Susrita says:

    True! Nicely quoted.

  2. Durga Prasad says:

    I too witnessed the similar situation when i literally had to swim.Nice post any way.

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