PP’s marriage

Posted: November 24, 2008 in Marriage
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PP on his day!!!!

PP on his day!!!!

It has been a long while to have written a blog.. There I am again, with PP’s marrige blog.

P Prabhu, PP in short, was my colleague @ Newgen Software Tech. Ltd. We shared the room @ Telehaus International, for an assignment @ HLL Unilever in the Garden City, India.

kway teow

kway teow

When we sit into a discussion, we always chew the memories of kway teow (koi thoi) @ Beijing & the spicy, my favorite ‘ Veg Tom Yum’ soup @ the (then) 93 hotel in Residency Road, Bangalore. Back to the present!!!.

There weren’t any last minute tension as the travel was very well planned and the tickets were booked in advance. Guys assembled @ the Egmore railway station well before 10 o’clock. More new faces for me as I had left Newgen 3 yrs back. We got into the alloted coaches and reserved ourselves a berth. Hours passed by, pulling each others leg while RP @ BB 🙂 & Ravi joined us @ Tambaram without any Bananas :-).

It was a smooth journey. We reached our destination (Karur) after the sun rise. Cab was waiting for us to take us to PP’s home. A warm welcome followed by a hot coffee, drenched our unbrushed throat and settled well at the stomach. The marriage function was a ‘dine & dine’ treat to us.

Rooms were arranged for the stay. Couple of hours were spent to get refreshed. Guys marched towards the marriage hall for the breakfast. Out of all, the legacy dish, ‘Pongal’ created the impact that day. Vijay & Anand, finished it in style by following the First In Last Out (FILO) principle. Another coffee went in, where PP joined us for a chat. He was too simple such that he didn’t look like a groom. The plan for the rest of the day was drafted.

Voice were raised to go to ‘Palani’ and some for the abymysal ‘Aegan’ but the cricket match won the score. Maddy eloped to room for a nap, RP eloped the group,  while the guys were back to PP’s house for the match and some started snoring in the mean time. It was 4 PM when we woke up. Our tummies called up Vijay for the lunch. PP was intimated about our 2nd dining program. We all went again to the marriage hall for the lunch.

Back to room to freshen up and got ready for the marriage. Atlast we came to the marriage hall for the marriage function. PP proved that he isn’t a small boy, chatting with the bride’s friends. He sported a dark suit with a read tie, stitched especially for him (:-)). Took great care in receiving friends, he was away from the podium and was strolling across pillars to receive them all.

The clock struck eight and the hunger struck Vijay and Anand again. We had a formal photo session with the couple and the legs swaggered straight to the dining hall. The 15 mins dinner, refilled the stomach and the energy lost during the session. The servers weren’t grin faced to serve us 3rd time for the day. All went fine, we greeted PP again and left to Erode to catch the train. The train came right @ mid night. While we started our  journey to Madras, PP started a  new journey in his life.

A memorable occasion for each of us and a great day in PP’s life. Wishing him all the best and a great life ahead!!

  1. Jojo Jose says:

    woooowwwww…Mukee…thats an amazing stuff man…grt work…grt blogger…grt blogging…even though i left early on that day eve feeling that i missed the eve with all ..you made me to feel it…i felt it really..cool…keep going …

  2. prasanna says:

    Hey Mukund .. Guess I had missed the occasion 🙂 ..Nice one mukund ..

  3. KK says:

    reading this I also lived the time of PP’s marriage.

  4. mukerv says:

    Hey Thanks chapp!!

  5. mukerv says:

    Thanks pras!!!

  6. mukerv says:

    thanks jojo!!

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