Sys Crash, Gone for 30 days

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Life

It has been a long time to have written a blog. It’s all because of Apple :-).

I tried to connect my iPod to my sys. It didn’t allow me to install iTunes since my PC was without SP2. I got the update and installed it. Got a chance to upload to some of my songs to my great iPod. The power went off once. Thats it!!! there came a pause to my social networking activities.

No blog, No Mail, No messenger, No trading, No Orkuting, Nothing…  for the next 20-30 days. Tried out all the possibilities to recover it. All my efforts went in vain. The system restarts automatically before showing the login screen sometimes showing blue screen with no informaton.  Safe mode with/with out n/wking, Nothing worked out. The last best known configuration was also a corrupted configuration.  Restoration activities smiled me with the same blue screen.  God Google suggested that some issue to be handled with winlogon.exe or csrss.exe. Friends suggested that it cud be because of the bad 128 MB Hynix Ram.

Installed XP on an other D drive and got some temporary life. The activation ends in another 30 days and need to look out for another option soon.  🙂

Who is the culprit?? SP2!!!   AMD Athlon!!!!   Hynix!!!!!    Apple – iTunes!!! or is it me??


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