Nagalapuram Trek!! A Yoo hooooo Trek

Posted: July 26, 2008 in Trek
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Great days ahead with the Chennai Trekkers and thanks to Peter for making this happen. Feeling lucky to trek with the CTC team. CTC arranges trek every week end. I would love to grab every opportunity of it but GBH stops me from doing so. Two treks in a month is the motto now 😉

My 2nd one after Tada trek. I shared the Tada trek experience with Charan and Durga who used to come with me to GBH. Both of them registered but Charan got some important work and backed away.

The trek started as usual on 19th July 2008, @ around 5:00, from Tidel park. Woke up early for the trek. Took an early shower and was getting ready to enjoy the nature. Albert Einstein once told me that “Early to raise and early to take bath is really good to health”. I experienced it that day B-)…

Got a confirmation call from Phaneesh early in the morning and started from my home @ around 4:40 hrs. I was happy to see Balaji, Bala, whom I met in the Tada trek. Everybody came on time and soon bikes’ spark plug was ignited, shifted gears, raised their accelerator and the vehicles moved on in front of me…. That was really exciting. Guys I bet that to be part of a bike gang with your own bike would give you a unique kinda happiness

TN04 M0823 moved on too. I felt a bit nervous before the travel as this was my first long distance travel. Picked up guys on the way and marched towards Koyambedu. Sam, Ram & Kannan were waiting there for the group. Picked up Durga @ Kmbdu and the team moved in about 5 mins.

The bikes and the Scorpio roared the National Highway. Kannan gave us company through out the bike trip. We had traveled for about an hour and stopped at a hotel for our morning breakfast. Sets of idli, pongal and vada went into most of the stomachs. We packed the lunch, bought our water bottles and was waiting for vinoth to join from Bangalore. . Guys went to pick him up. Since it got a bit late we started our journey towards Nagalapuram.

We reached Oothukottai (OTKTI). Ram was left @ OTKTI to show way for the guys who have gone to pick Vinoth. We diverted from the NH. We travelled for about half an hour on a well laid road and later switched to a sand road. The bikes were roaring on the streets of the village. The villagers came out to welcome the aliens.

We finally reached the base of the Nagalapuram mountains. The noodles, soup, glucose, tapla, etc were distributed. Vivek was left behind to distribute the food packets to the other guys. All our back packs were full with items which will make us live for the next 2 days.

We crossed a small bridge and went into the mountains. We were traveling very sloooowwww to the first swimming pooooooool. We passed some rocks and we soaked ourselves in the swimming pool. The other people who were left behind were very fast to join us. It was deep in the middle and a small waterfall kinda stuff was there on the other end. Lionel Goubet helped me out to cross it and we spent an hour in the water.

We came out of water without much interest to start the trek. We were travelling near the stream and two localites were also helping us in the trek. We had frequent pauses to have our lunch, to take photos and to take rest. Mr. Varuna from heaven dropped small pellets of excess water from his bag to wet us. A temporary tent was made. I thought of enjoying the rain and stood out. The rain doesn’t seem to be stopping. Peter removed the temporary tent and all were drenched. Though Peter’s GPS was brave enough to show his plasma towards the rain; other electronics hid under a plastic bag.

We moved away from the stream and climbing towards a 650 (mts) high mountain. After 500 mts. we felt that, why did God piled up stones for another 150 mts; but we saw super scenic views in that 150 mts. People somehow managed to climb it and could see Vani moving far ahead of me. I was at the tail end and managed to reach the top.

As we reached the top, the sun said good bye to us. We prepared 3 small tents. Tapla was the only menu for the dinner which no one neglected. The world’s best side dish (Oorkaiii (Pickle!!)) was opened by someone. The combination of tapla and lemon pickle passed thru the oesophagus to rest in the stomach (till the next day morning !!!!! B-)) . Guys settled on to their tents. It was drizzling out and peter hosted a game of Uno. A couple of games passed by. A scorpion had also passed by which we noticed the next day. I went into my sleeping bag and slept before I cud here some big snores.

The next day started well. Some woke up and got ready. My brain ordered me to get out of the sleeping bag. Mind asked the asked the eye to look around. Kannan was lying and Peter was also not out of his bed. Mind convinced the brain and the body resided in the sleeping bag for another 10 mins.

Tents were dismantled; back packs were light without water. Guys were ready in the next 30 mins. Posing for some group photos @ the camp, we moved on for the day. We moved to a couple of view points and took some beautiful snaps. It was too steep; we managed to move to a dry stream. Guys were longing for water and an hour down the rocky mountains we found the elixir of life @ noon.

We, somehow managed without a breakfast and broke the fast @ noon. It was only one kitchen this time. I couldn’t enter the kitchen area this time and made myself available to fill the water bottles. Guys rested for more than an hour enjoying the noodles and soup; while Peter and Arul went in search of a path.

The travel resumed. Steep rock descending continued and were crawling thru the loose rocks. The tough time started; Our initial plan was to go back to the swimming pool and spend some time thr. We entered into a danger zone. Thr were too much of thorns and bushes. It pierced thru all of our fleshes without any discrimination.

It was pitch black at around 19:00 hrs; The torches were taken out of the bag we were tired and struck in the middle. To the worse, the GPS had also failed. (TS:-> allu ooothiduchuuu ;-)) . Peter went on to search of a path. We sat down on the rocks for about 15mins. Peter came back after 5 mins and said “we will leave the bushes in the next 5 mins” (but didn’t confirm whether will reach Chennai or not). We started our march and left the bushes after half an hour.. (TS:-> Peter anju nimishamnu sonna ara hournu sonna maadhiri ;-))

We came back to the plains got some ray of hope. We found a small water pool in the next 15 mins. Peter was too enthusiastic to get into it. He got in and pulled every one. Balaji was thrown into the pool and that half an hour was a heaven @ earth. We moved out after playing for a while. It was around 21:00 hrs, we saw the moon @ the horizon. An 10 minute walk took us to the starting point where our vehicles were parked. There were some villagers near the temple who were amazed to see us coming out of the mountain.

We settled down, packed all the stuff in about half an hour. The bikes and cars started their way back home. We drove carefully until we reach Oothukottai. We halted for about 5 mins and the journey started again. The 4 wheelers pierced thru the air. The body was completely paining and was stretching the legs on the way. I was driving a bit slowly with Chezhian, Kannan and Bala.

A little bit of fun remained in the journey. There was a tea shop on the way; I and Durga thought of sipping a cup. We stopped our vehicle and went to the tea shop. A moment before ordering the tea, it struck in my mind that my purse is in the bag which is in Peter’s vehicle. I checked Durga’s financial status @ that moment and the balance sheet showed a big zero. We laughed at each other and started our drive to chennai. I was feeling sleepy and landed chennai Koyambedu late after midnight.

Vivek settled the accounts and refunded some 200 bucks tp me. balaji gave a good head massage in the mean time. We shook hands with our fellow trekkers who left home. Some were hungry and didn’t want to leave home with an empty stomach. The vehicle rushed to GRT. Everybody order their food; I ordered a lemonade and some paratha’s. Swallowed some bread with cheese. Everything came late except the bill. It was paid by Bala and was shared by all. The 2 day trek expense was just 200 but the 20 min dinner costed 400; But we enjoyed the late night dinner. We hugged and bye-byed each other before we leave. My Pulsar rushed home and settled in the garage. and I settled in my bed.

TS:-> Indha trekkkk..ithudan inidhe mudivadaindhadhuuuuuu 😉

P.S. (TS:-> refers to Tamil slang, pls get it translated from some one 😉


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