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Posted: July 9, 2008 in Trek
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Trekking – a man has to experience it once in his life.
Trekking was there in my wish list for a quite a long time and got erased from the list last week end (5,6 July 2008).Woww!!! wht a great experience to trek the Tada mountains.

Thanks to Deepan who shared the details of chennaitrekkers.org. I was amazed to see Peter’s albums and his trekking experience. I decided to try this out. Activities were well planned in advance and it was very well executed by the chennaitrekkers.org organizers. I registered my name. I was the 16th member to register for the trek. I showed interest to see the list and was eager to find a known name in the list.

I went thru all the blogs posted by them and prepared myself for the trek. Bought a sleeping bag @ Gatsby, Neelankarai, as suggested by Peter. I brought my woodland shoe from T. Nagar house. Borrowed the digicam from Anand, Bought batteries for the torch & the cam. Went in search of a good backpack and ended in vain.

The day came!!!. Though I slept late the previous day, I woke up when the pendulum struck three in my house. Refreshed, took a bath @ 3 :-), packed my things and departed from home @ around 4:00 am.

My Pulsar vrooooomed thru the beach road and landed @ Tidel around 4:30 am. The bike was parked @ the Elnet park and was standing all alone in the road awaiting the team. I was waiting in front of the Tidel gate; my shadows were photographed to kill the half an hour. I was standing a bit far from their usual meeting point and was joined by Vinodha. The formal introduction happened and later found the team was standing a bit far from us.

We reached the place, got introduced to a couple of guys. The organizers were busy with the list, counting the heads who had appeared for the trek. Everything was settled @ that spot and we started. Some more to be picked up on the way. Vinodha was driving her Elair. I joined with Rajendra, who was also from TCS. Susheela & Revathi boarded the Elair @ Adyar. Somewhere @ the NH, the whole group joined and we were 46 in number. We reached the outskirts of Chennai before we saw the first rays from the source.

It was an hour drive from the outskirts. Being a photo fanatic, I clicked some, using my N73. We had our breakfast @ the main road. We deviated from the NH and proceeded towards the base. The vehicles went thru hard roads; and crossed a small stream of water. The time came for the vehicles to take rest.

There started our action. we took our back packs. We were given glucose packs, bread packs etc. by the organizers. We packed everything and took the necessary stuffs and started to walk. Peter followed a sand trail and everybody followed Peter. We were walking, walking, walking; all the way to explore the mountain. There was only walking and nothing else was thr for the next 2 days.

We found a small temple and a small 3-4 foot deep water pool was on the way. Some other people were also thr enjoying their alcohols. Peter jumped into the pool. We followed him one by one. Revathi was so enthusiastic to jump into the pool with her mobile, realizing it after a while. We spent some 10 to 20 mins thr. Took our backpacks and proceeded with the wet clothes on.

The real trekking started thr. The head was Peter, the tail was Ramki and we were in between to make sure that we don’t get lost during the travel. They looked like a US police cop. It was too steep which tested my physical and mental conditions and somehow made it with the help of Glucon D and some motivation from Raj. Got introduced to a few more trekkers.

We opened our break fast packs on the way to enjoy the food in the breeze. Guys took care to take care the papers and plastic bags. We carried all the wastes till the end . After climbing for a while we were travelling thru the bushes and found the partly dried stream. We reached the rocky place and found a pool nearby. Guys decided to setup the camp thr.

Guys took bath in the pool. I was a bit reluctant to get down thr as my swimming skills are not that good. But somehow, the enthusiasm pulled me in and I drowned. I shouted ‘Peter… Peter!!’ and guys came in for the rescue. They pushed me to a corner stone and tied a rope for us to learn. Karthick & Peter were diving in different styles and others were relaxing in the pool of water. I was happy to see Bala; to struggle in the waters.

Peter wanted to explore more so do we…. We dropped our bags thr and followed him. This time it was a partial mountain climb. We had to put more efforts to climb the places. It became 5 and guys planned to return to the camp. He took us in whatever route he saw and stopped at places in between. Everybody were bewildered and confused. At times we felt that we were lost in the mountains. Thanks to GPS which took us directly to the base camp. I found my first bruise on the way.

Time to disco!!!. Time to take dinner!!. We had 2 pots and started to cook. Noodles and soup were the menu for the dinner. I, Bala & Karthik were the chief cook for the 2 kitchens. To be frank, we prepared hot water and nothing else. Cooking and dining took 2-3 hrs and it was around 9 when we left the kitchen.

Guys had set up camp fire in the mean time. Tent was also ready in place to hide, in case of a rain. Luckily it didn’t rain. Everybody found out a place to sleep @ the mountain. I along with Karthi and Bala, spent some time @ the camp fire. The body was paining, the thigh was aching and found hard to walk in the rocks @ the nights. After a while, I opened my sleeping bag and got into it.

I dunno when it reached six. The guys were moving here which woke me up. some went on to bath. I felt sleepy and was lying in the bag for some more time. Guys were ready to kick of for the day. I just brushed my teeth and packed up things. Peter took us to some dangerous view points. We took pics @ all the view points. We descended down thru a steep, narrow slope. The slope was increasing and it went on to serious trekking. Guys used the rope at places to get down and some how we reached the waters.

If we move to our right we will return to the base . If we move to our left we would reach the falls. All of them were a bit tired physically but not mentally. We went on to see the fall. Climbed lots of rocks to reach the final destination. It was water again.

It was a 150 mts stretch divided into 2 sections to reach the falls. Guys who knew swimming went on leaving us. We were waiting out thr for some help from someone. It was peter and karthik again to help us. The rope was tied from the one end to the intermediate rock section in the middle. 10-15 of us were transported. Then the rope was tied from the intermediate section to a rock at the other end. The rope was not long enough and was also not feasible to tie anywhere in the intermediate section. Jas holded it on one end and Ramki on the other end. Peter and Karthick transported some of us. Wowwwww!!! what a great water it wasssss. It was just a small fall. I sat down beneath to enjoy it. It massaged me well. We spent an hour at the pool and was transported safe back by our guys.

We dressed up and took our back packs to start off. It was just an an hour and a half walk from there to reach the place where our vehicles were parked. Guys were too tired . We relaxed thr. Ladies were trying out their hands at the bikes; the organizers were packing things and were noting the expenses for accounting purposes. We reached the toll gate where a guy was asking for some more money. Some were reluctant to bribe and started off. The guys blocked one of our cars. We had to return and bribe him 1500 rs. to bring those guys back.

Thats it!!!…… the tada part of the trip was over… We started our trip to Chennai. Back again in Vinodha’s Elair where Revathi was replaced by Anand. On the way we had badam gheer, orange juice. Tasted snacks and proceeded towards Chennai. We had a small discussion during the drive and reached Koyambedu after an hour. Most of us assembled at a hotel. Some went on to have their beer. We started to order our dinner. The dinner went well and we started off in Peter’s Scorpio. It went into IIT to drop Rahul and I got down at Tidel.

Kicked my Pulsar. Reached home with a great Tada experience and a bit of body ache…… 🙂

Awaiting for my next trekking experience hopefully by the end of this month!!!!!!!!!!!


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