Prince’s marriage – A Prince’s marriage

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Marriage, Nostalgia
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22nd June, vingt secondes juin, zweiundzwanzigster Juni

The day next to the default Summer solstice.

It was on this day Charon was discovered,Konrad Zuse was born, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and a lot happened (June 22)

What this day has to do with the SMCETians?????

It was a sweet and memorable occasion for all the guys especially for Prince. The unique occasion where he lost his bachelor degree and gained his masters. It was a great GetTo for the SMCETians after a long time. A lot gathered from all over the world to deliver their wishes to our beloved.

2 days dried of very quickly discussing the nostalgic memories of the great college years and created some memories to be discussed in the near future. Ok!! a small flashback to those 2 days.

Appx. a dozen from Chennai and a bit more from Bangalore started our trip to the super cool Coimbatore. I was part of the Chennai team.

Chn guys started from porur and I joined them after staring @ the Tambaram traffic for about an hour. There was a warm welcome by the guys.

Sitting @ the front for a while and was falling down from the seat due to sleep. I felt a bit afraid to see the driver falling down at times. It was also raining that day making things cool. I cudn’t control further and the Mamallan’s CSE HoD, Mr. Anbu took control of it later. The driver took us to Somanur a couple of hours before Noon.

The Bangalore battalion were fresh and ready at Somanur by the time we reached Cbe. The groom, Mr. Prince, came to receive us along with the Gopal Aiya, Singapore Palani and Arun. We cud see the weight lost by Mr. Prince was indirectly proportional to the weight accumulated by most of the bng battalions. We refreshed ourselves and filled our stomach with Idli’s @ Prince’s residence.

Guys wanted to stay at high spirits and proceeded as per the plan. A nice conversation with Amal brought in Vijayakanth,our Ambalathar which discussed the various strategies and the future of DMDK. Vel enjoyed his time getting into serious discussion and Satish kept the crowd laughing & running with his usual ‘Mokkai’. Hours passed on slowly and guys were moved to a hotel @ Cbe.

The time struck 6 and guys were getting ready to witness the engagement function. People did some last minute shopping and were getting gifts which however delayed our entry. The momentum picked up when guys entered the hall.

The prince, Mr.Prince was on a maroon shirt with a Light Brown suit. The function went on smoothly and Prince getting some time here and there to speak to the bride.

All the formalities were completed and the long awaited group photo was taken. Some had their dinner and some had their high spirited plans for the night. Raj, Esak went on to Dasavatharam and Room no 202 got into a festival mood which i failed to witness and felt asleep.

Courtesy – Guys: Anbu was the lord of the ring to steal the show. I was told that it was a marathon Mokkai by Anbu which even our Satish has not done in his life time. Everything ended by 4am, just after a small tussle between Aiya and Anbu. The tussle had stimulated his pot stomach and had expelled the 200ml fermented liquid. Anbu’s ‘abishekam’ scented the whole room, which evacuated everyone from the room and unfortunate Velu cudn’t escape as he cudn’t find a solid place to put his leg down.

The night passed on till day with funny and joyous moments. In the mean, Jayendran, Raj, Ramamoorthy, Ravi & others joined us @ the hotel. The guys were on time to start for the marriage. Some got their last minute gifts. We left to the church directly. Great to see Imman their with his brother.

The groom arrived in a traditional black & black marriage suit. He was soon joined by the bride and the marriage ceremony started. It went for an hour or so and we guys were eagerly waiting for the great moment. The bride and the groom made a vow and sooner he tied the Thali and got a feather in his cap.

We all moved to the marriage hall then. The gifts were given and a group photo was arranged. Guys got into action at the lunch hall and a few went out to raise their spirits. They came back and had some fun with the groom while we marched our way back to our room. We had a small nap and had to see our way back to our places.

A great news awaited the pot bellys. We received an invitation from Jaffer to visit his house @ Pollachi. The tempo travellers headed towards Pollachi and it was a great welcome by his parents. We were served with sweets and snacks. Moorthi was pulling Esak’s leg but he was not disturbed by anything; went on to finish a dozen Vada, Jangiri and a jug of coffee.

We expressed our gratitude to Jaffer’s parents; The bng guys separated from us; we heading to Chennai. It was 12 hour long journey and the guys reached Tambaram by 7:00 am. I and Prem got down @ Tbm and took a train to our home and others continued in van.

A great 2 day college life was experienced by the SMCET guys at this marriage and are eagerly waiting for the next similar event to happen.

Author 🙂

Chk out

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