Posted: March 16, 2008 in Life, Nostalgia, Travel
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Nostalgic memories always brings happines to everyone. Especially, to the experienced senior citizens, who have abundant amount of experience and memories, if you start a topic about their school, college or childhood days, we really don’t know where all it goes up to and how long does it take . I recently joined an interesting conversation with 2 such people. Any guesses?? who could it be..!! its none other than my father and mother.

One fine sunday, sipping the coffee,, I just asked casually my mom about her childhoold days. My dad was sitting beside me, expressed some of his sweet memories.

My mum completed her B.A.(tamizhl lit) at the Fatima college, Madurai. I remember her telling that she passed out the college during 71.

She could compile some of her school day memories. From her daily activities to some memorable incidents which took place during her childhood days.

She is still in touch with some of her school friends. Mrs. dhanabhagyalakshmi , Mrs. meenakshi whose son is working with me, are some among the few. She also shared a photo taken with 3 of her friends after marriage..

My father described his experience in a short and sweet style.

My father did his B.Sc. Physics at Thiagarajar Arts college Madurai. he completed his college education during the year of 1965. It would be a great experience for us to visit our own college after a decade how wud it be if u could visit your fathers college??. I got that golden oppurtunity to visit my father’s college during my college days. It was a big building, one of the renounced instituion at that time.

I was really fascinated to enter the campus. I could remember the empty classes, an orphaned boat in near by the pool, and a damaged wooden board featuring “NSS”. I was roaming for about an hour or so and while returning, I took pride in saying to one of those student, that my father studied in this same college.

Now, waiting for a chance to go to my college again………….

  1. Mades says:

    machi ..
    After some days .. you will say about me to your children ( memories about newgen & Birthday Party.. etc. ) …


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