Chappathi’s and uppuma Debut

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Life, The dishes
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That was the first time I actually had to help to prepare dinner my family

My mother is the chief cook and we are the great eaters of her food. She was asked to not to go near the kitchen for a couple of days. So I tried to put my hand in making the dish.

My passion is to learn, explore each and every thing in this world and cooking is one among them.

I had heard about bheema in Mahabharatha and Nalan in tamizh history. they were said to be great cooks at their time. The film, ratatouille is also another insipiraiton. when Mr. Gusteau’s helps a rat to cook why not me??. When Remy can satisfy anton ego why can’t I satisy my tongue…

With all this inspirational note here’s my experience.

1. Added oil, mustard, red chillies, dal and curry leaves.
2. I was asked to pour some water in a kadai. It boiled for a while, A measure quantiy of rava was asked to mix with the water in the kadai. I stirred it for a while and covered the kadai with a plate. After 10-15 minutes when I opened the uppuma was ready. I was really surprised to see how simple it is.

The next day I helped to make chappathi’s. Chappathi’s are called as indian flat breads. sounds funny. it was very very simple. The readymade flour is available at stores. Get it, cut it and pour some into a bowl. Add some water and oil. Mix it. On mixing, it will get thicker to form a moist dough. Thats it.. u have to take a TT ball size from it. roll it to thin texture and heat it up.. AS it becomes brownish, flip it and serve it.

The ultimate point is…. though my mother didn’t come to kitchen but she was the person who measured and gave me ingredients at right quantity. If you ask me about the right quantity to mix.. sorry i don’t have an answer right now.. If written,you could see it in my future blogs….

See u in next blog.. ur comments to improve my blogging would really be appreciated.

(final note: Neither the uppuma was worse nor the chappathi was bad :-))


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