First Bloggy!!!

Posted: August 15, 2006 in Life
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Working on Holidays…..:-(

Have you ever heard of these terms; Expected Loss Ratio, External Costs, Priced Profit margin, Combined, Target Combined, Discounted combined, Discounted Target combined ratios……etc. etc.

Hope most of you would have not. Even, I too have not heard of these things and I do not know anything about these terms. Then why am I speaking about it here.

Today is 15th August 2006. Independence Day for India but not for me :-).
Sitting alone in my cabin
Wasting my time in front of the computer
Writing code for something which I am not aware of
Wasting my holiday
Feeling bored
Scribbling my first blog in Blogger

Oh God!! Do something, so that no one works on holidays..

  1. Durga Prasad Tamirisa says:

    Dude.!!! sitting in cabin on Aug 15th is better than sitting in cabin on the evening of diwali.

    Hope you understood my situation.

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